About Your Music Industry Podcast

Say hello to the insight that will help you achieve your music industry goals!

Your Music Industry podcast is a platform and community of music industry knowledge wisdom and experience founded to help support the growth of Music Producers, DJs and Musicians. The podcast exists to connect listeners with insight that will help them achieve their goals and dreams in music. Topics during podcasts include Music Production, Music Business and Lifestyle and Wellbeing. Podcast guests include Grammy award-winning artists, Music Industry CEOs, Music Specialists and Grassroots artists.


While making great music is key, we understand how it can be tough navigating an industry that seems like a totally different world.

Cause and Effect...

"Podcasts have been vital in my own development and yet, I experienced a complete void in Music Industry podcasts. I think that was the moment Your Music Industry was born. Having a music industry-specific personal and creative development podcast would have given me so much vital insight as an emerging artist. It also could have saved me so much stress and frustration in not understanding the inner workings of the industry.” - Daniel Fish (Your Music Industry Podcast Host and Founder)

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About Your Host

As a visionary and creative, Daniel Fish can’t remember a moment when music wasn’t a part of his life. Yet, he can specifically remember feeling lost and frustrated with the music industry as an upcoming artist. He recalls times when the post-music production process felt like an alien world with releasing music, marketing yourself and even how to generate income. While experiencing the value of online personal development content in University thanks to Tim Ferris, Gary Vaynerchuk and Tom Bilyeu, along with experiences in understanding the invaluable power of a network and tribe; he set out on a mission to be the change in the industry he wished existed. 


“Being an independent artist doesn’t mean that you are alone, it means you and your tribe have priceless creative freedom - that was a painful misconception I experienced in my early years as an artist.” - Daniel


Through founding the Liverpool Audio Network and Your Music Industry podcast, he’s aiding in laying the foundations to a connected and empowered music community who while working on their dreams, look after their own physical and mental wellbeing.

Your Music Industry Podcast is brought to you by Daniel Fish