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Laidback Luke on Mentorship in Dance Music (Ep.44)

Updated: Apr 13, 2020





What does Dance Music artist, DJ and mentor Laidback Luke think of mentorship in our industry? In this episode from Creamfields 2019, we sit down with Laidback Luke to find out all about it and the experience of mentoring the likes of Avicii, Hardwell and Deorro.

A little bit about Laidback Luke...

Born in the Philippines, raised in Holland, Luke van Scheppingen, known as Laidback Luke with no exaggeration is the reference point of the dance scene for the thousands of clubbers these days. His unlimited energy brightly results in both stunning live sets and ongoing anticipated studio hits. Talking about his productions we risk to stretch this story way too far, but with no doubt such tracks like "Show Me Love", "Step By Step", "Hey", IDMA winning "Leave The World Behind", "Till Tonight", "Timebomb", "Natural Disaster", "Turbulence" and "Speak Up" became all-time favorites on the dance floors. With the crazy energy that Luke conveys and the martial arts that he practices, rest assured his future will be out of this world!

Your Music Industry Podcast Interview: Laidback Luke on Mentorship in Dance Music
Laidback Luke on Mentorship in Dance Music

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