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Elif talks Nomad Life, Social Media and Books (Ep.071)

Your Music Industry podcast returns after a hiatus, with a facelift and a brand-new series full of some of the greatest minds of Electronic Music. As always, the podcast has existed to help you survive and thrive in music from the insight, stories and experience of our guests and on the show today we have Elif.

Interview with Elif on the Nomad Life, Social Media and Books
Interview with Elif on the Nomad Life, Social Media and Books

With huge early success as an international music blogger, fresh talent Istanbul-born Elif covered all the main festivals as a writer until, after teaching herself music production and mixing, she swapped ligging for gigging four years ago as a DJ. As a producer, her first release on Anjunadeep (2019) made her an instant favourite, and her Anjunadeep ‘Edition’ mixes are always a huge success. She recently played their #Anjunaunlocked Twitch stream, as well as crafting an epic lockdown set for Desert Hearts’ City Hearts virtual festival which made the Twitch main page and became the talk of towns everywhere. Also during lockdown she’s written new material – soon to drop on Stil Vor Talent and her debut EP on A Tribe Called Kotori– and reached her listeners’ hearts with livestreams both melodic and


In today’s podcast, she shares her story covering all aspects including a period as a ‘Digital Nomad’, all the way up to producing music today and the books that have influenced her journey and perception/mindset.


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Show Notes & Highlights:

[1:00] We learn how Elif has coped with Lockdown and the challenges faced.

[2:55] Elif enlightens us to the earliest parts of her career including a period as a digital nomad sleeping on people’s couches.

[4:05] For some it takes years upon years, for others only a short period of time to learn and gain traction - Elif is the latter. She shares how she began producing music and an insight into her ‘healing’.

[10:52] As someone who worked and main income from social media, Elif shares her first hand tips of the consciousness of consuming and the impact social media can have.

[15:51] It wouldn’t be a music podcast without talking tech! We talking Ableton, Hardware and resources for learning production.

[23:45] With the recent publication of ‘The Social Dilemma' on Netflix, we are all becoming well aware of how these platforms are engineered. Elif shares her tips on Instagram, on producing content and how to live sustainably on the platform.

[31:46] Get set, Elif shares the books that have shaped her life, perception and mindset. After having time away from the podcast, I dived into some of these and ’The Artists Way’ is incredible.

[39:35] Finally, to close off the podcast in classic style; we find out what change Elif would like to see in dance music.

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