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Norman Doray talks Tell The World, Rediscovering His Sound & Collaboration (Ep.072)

It sounds gimmicky, but I do remember the first time I heard a Norman Doray track. I was late to the crowd but it was ‘Stronger’ released on Size Records with Arno Cost. There was a new fresh kind of energy in that release, a discoy groove and atmosphere which to me didn’t exist in the scene at the time.

Interview with Norman Doray on Tell The World, Rediscovering His Sound & Collaboration
Interview with Norman Doray on Tell The World, Rediscovering His Sound & Collaboration

Since then, the journey hasn’t been a simple one for Norman Doray; moving country, taking a break, rediscovering his sound - all many parts which have influenced and made the Norman Doray which we know and love today.

In today’s podcast, we are chatting to Norman and covering his journey, the causation of why he needed to take a break but he also breaks down the story of some of his tracks including ‘Tell The World’ released on Cr2 Records. There are also some nuggets in this episode around crafting streaming edits.


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Show Notes & Highlights:

[0:00] We catch-up with Norman and discover his journey of moving countries and the purpose behind the moves.

[3:00] Without any hesitation, we leap into the conversation and cover Norman’s routes and the meandering route to 2020

[13:30] Norman is well known for his collaborations with Arno Cost, Norman offers some insight into this process and the value in having a lifelong friend and collaborator

[21:30] We talk about the story of Tell The World, which not only includes the production behind it but also the journey of the track being signed.

[28:55] In a time when releases on Beatport and Spotify are different, we gain some perspective from Norman on how he crafts the arrangement for different platforms; mainly for streaming.

[33:20] Income is tight at the moment, we all know that. Norman offers us some insight into his income blueprint as an artist.

[43:07] Finally in full Your Music Industry style, we finish the podcast by finding out what change Norman would like to see in the music industry.

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