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Kid Massive explores Your Why, Perspective and The Mindset Sessions (Ep.074)

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

We regularly talk about different aspects of the music business, but not the centre of it all; our selves and our minds. You may know today's guest as the international DJ and Producer Kid Massive, or you may know him as Benjamin from The Mindset Sessions, either way - both aspects show the inner strength and greatness of today's guest.

Interview with Kid Massive talks Your Why, Perspective and The Mindset Sessions
Interview with Kid Massive talks Your Why, Perspective and The Mindset Sessions

In today’s podcast, we get deep and philosophical and explore the mindset of music producers and creatives and the intricacies of how that fits in to creativity, performing live and even connecting with fans.

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Show Notes & Highlights:

[0:00] With currently being based in Thailand, we gain some insight into the global journey Kid Massive has been on.

[2:01] Without any hesitation, we begin to explore how "Everything is internal"

[4:40] What was the beginning of 'Kid Massive's musical journey?

[9:00] Do you produce for you, or do you produce for others?

[12:24] Benjamin introduces us to the idea of using desire as a tool

[16:55] How do you define your own success?

[24:55] What is Kid Massive's thoughts on goal setting?

[31:50] How do you remove and practice removing expectations

[36:25] Asking yourself the right question and introspection

[40:35] Meditation and journalling

[42:57] Coaching

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