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Grum talks Producing Music, Writing Albums, Deepstate & Frustration (Ep.075)

On today’s we dive into the uplifting electronic world of Grum, a seasoned music producer of intricate and moving albums that has always stayed true to his sound and routes.

Interview with Grum on Producing Music, Writing Albums, Deepstate & Frustration
Interview with Grum on Producing Music, Writing Albums, Deepstate & Frustration

In this podcast we sit down with Grum to learn more about his journey, his production process while also geeking out on tech, tools and the creative workflow. Things aren’t always bright in the music industry though, and Grum opens his eyes as to the frustrations he’s had to navigate in the past and what we can all learn from them.


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Show Notes & Highlights:

[1:47] What is the “Grum Special Sauce”?

[5:35] An insight into Grum's first album called “Heatbeats”

[9:40] The journey of transitioning from Electro to Trance and the challenges faced

[14:25] An insight into the worlds of Anjuna and Deepstate

[18:00] How does Grum know when a track is ready?

[20:57] Grum's approach to crafting warm sounds

[23:45] How Grum approaches writing an album

[27:16] Be careful who you work with... An insight into Grum's delayed album

[29:11] Practises for coping with frustration in music

[31:55] What change would Grum like to see in the music industry?

[34:30] How can artists submit their music for Deepstate Recordings?

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