ASOK (Live) on Learning, Creative Approaches and Sacrifice (Ep.026)

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

Interview: ASOK (Live) on Learning, Creative Approaches and Sacrifice

Today’s episode is a live recording from one of our recent Phonic Feature masterclasses in the British Music Experience. A few weeks ago we hosted ASOK at the event. The event kicked off with an in conversation style chat between myself and Stu and followed on to a music production masterclass. Today’s podcast episode is the live recording of the in conversation talk.

So what are we 3 things you will learn in today’s Your Music Industry episode?

    1 - How Stu got into music and how he learnt how to make music

    2 - How Stu approaches music production

    3 - The story of Stu’s pursuit of his musical dream and the sacrifices he’s had to make along the way

A little bit about ASOK...

DJ/Producer based in Liverpool UK. Runs Four Triangles and Scenery record labels, and has released on Mork, Lobster Theremin, Mistress, Creme Organization and M>O>S amongst many others.

With 20 years record collecting and DJing, Stu Robinson is by no means some new fly by night whizz with little or no substance behind him. Instead he is someone who has amassed a fine understanding of a wide array of scenes, styles and sounds from d&b to electro funk, disco to house and techno. As a result, the music the man releases under long-term alias ASOK is an amalgamation of all that and more. It has found favour with esteemed labels like Mistress, Creme Organisation, Use of Weapons, M>O>S, Mule Musiq and varies from being deep, emotive house music to more jacking, misty eyed and ruefully nostalgic techno with melody, texture and soul.

Now a part of Dutch family M>O>S, Robinson also has a history of promoting parties around the UK, as well as running his own bijou late, Scenery Records. To date the considered label has established itself with tough analogue sounds from artist like John Heckle, Deep Space Orchestra and Bantam Lions and reflects the sort of sounds you could hear in an ASOK set: as a DJ this assured head is capable of mixing up old and new, familiar with unfamiliar selections and has done so all across Europe, the Middle East and the UK. With plenty more on the horizon and years of heritage to build on, ASOK deals in timeless sounds that really make you feel something.


This episode is brought to with Phonic Feature

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