KUSP on Recipes, Working as a Duo & Techno (Ep.001)

Interview: KUSP (UK) on Musical Recipes, Duo Life and Techno

To launch Your Music Industry podcast and jump straight into Liverpool's electronic scene, we have local emerging talent and warehouse techno dominators, KUSP. Over the past few months, I've seen KUSP strive to absolute greatness and they are on one spectacular trajectory. In this episode, we explored how they work as a Duo, their thoughts on Techno and how they use 'Musical Recipes' to increase their workflow.

“Your 7/10 might be someone else's 10/10.” - KUSP

KUSP you say?

KUSP was formed from what was originally an experimental collaboration between two old friends reunited by their rediscovered desire for making electronic music.

Making transitions through different musical journeys, both are accomplished DJ's and producers within their own right. But, both deeply rooted from the same background.

Their contrasting but parallel styles deliver a unity that has become the strength within their sound; a medley of deep, dark and industrial 'up-front' techno.

Their exciting live performances have given them the platform to supporting heavyweights such as Amelie Lens, Farrago, Ben Klock and Robert Hood at some of the UK's finest clubs and festivals.

Despite the project being in its early infancy, KUSP’s productions have garnered early support from some of the biggest names in the scene including Alan Fitzpatrick, Spektre, and Boxia.

With the duo already racking up BBC Radio 1 plays on B.Traits show, KUSP are certainly ones to keep an eye on in the future.


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