Al Groves on Bring Me The Horizon, Studio Booking Agents & The Leap of Faith (Ep.004)

Bring Me The Horizon, Cast & Paris Youth Foundation; only a few of Al Groves’s credits in his Studio home of The Motor Museum. But what did it take to get where he is today? It’s not been all fun and games for Al and in this episode of Your Music Industry he opens up to the risks and challenges he’s had and still does today.

“If I had never of asked, I would have probably never have produced Bring Me The Horizons Album.” - Al Groves

A little bit about Al...

Al Groves is a producer and mixer with over a decade's worth over studio experience. Cutting his teeth as a go-to man for exciting guitar sounds around England's northwest, Al was instrumental in setting up Sandhills Studio in Liverpool.

Fast forward a few years and he took over the lease on Liverpool's most iconic studio, the inner city mediterranean village that is The Motor Museum, a room that's shaped the careers of artists such as the Arctic Monkeys, The 1975 and Oasis over its two decade history.

Not a man however to rely on the heritage of his room to do the talking, Al has made his name as a producer, mixer and engineer with acts such as Bring Me The Horizon and Cast, as well as developing a whole of host of new talented upstarts, including Bellevue Days, Paris Youth Foundation and Jalen N'Gonda.  

His productions regularly feature on hot new music playlists worldwide, and his work has been featured mutliple times as Zane Lowe and Annie Mac's 'Hottest Record In The World'.

Al is a studio whirlwind with an expansive knowledge of music. He's chockfull of interesting ideas and has an enviable bag of production tricks.


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