Asquith on Lobster Theremin, Approaching Record Labels and Careers (Ep.011)

Interview: Asquith on Lobster Theremin, Approaching Record Labels and Careers

Before his show at Rhythm Liverpool on 1st March at Meraki, we sat down with London based innovator and curator Asquith to explore his journey, the lobster theremin story and his thoughts on electronic music culture.

“Demos are more attractive and catch my attention when the soundcloud artwork is eye-catching and unique.” - Asquith

A little bit about Asquith...

Back in 2013, Londoner Jimmy Asquith quietly minted the now-ubiquitous record label Lobster Theremin with an impressive debut release from a promising new producer: fellow Londoner Jay Donaldson – now known world over as Palms Trax.

Since then, the label boss has found himself thrust to the epicentre of the global dance music scene, operating a vast network of sub- and sister-labels, and looking after a staggering roster of artists that includes Palms Trax, Ross From Friends, DJ Seinfeld, Imre Kiss, Ozel AB and dozens of others.

Over the years the Lobster Theremin empire has expanded rapidly to incorporate a respected distribution service, and a physical record shop based in Hackney. With a physical home and vibrant team of full-time employees, the operation stands as a welcome reminder of what can still be achieved in an industry so often assumed to be cash-strapped and devoid of prospects. Behind the decks, Asquith maintains a busy international touring schedule whilst holding down a regular slot on Rinse FM and hosting the sell-out Find Me In The Dark parties at Corsica Studios. In 2016 he released his first solo record: a subdued techno EP on Where To Now?, released under the mysterious Tom Hang alias. Now, two years on, he is set to resurrect the alias for his debut LP, To Be Held In Non Position – an accomplished, emotionally charged debut that draws on noise, drone and ambient house to captivating effect.

In summer 2018 he will release his debut Asquith release; a scintillating and stomping blend of UK via German power house, Northern baseline and NYC grooves. It’s a white label self-release that sees the label boss step out from behind the Lobster veil and present a weighty and creative self expression through sound.


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