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Corey James on Finding Your Sound, Going Full-Time & Feedback (Ep.065)

Updated: May 19, 2020

Towards the end of 2019, I had the pleasure of hosting ‘Phonic Feature: Corey James’, a masterclass hosted by Liverpool Audio Network dedicated to the craft of Corey James. This podcast is a recording from the introduction to that session where Corey and I had a chat about life, his journey and some of his challenges along the way. 

065: Corey James on Finding Your Sound, Going Full-Time & Feedback
065: Corey James on Finding Your Sound, Going Full-Time & Feedback

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Show Notes & Highlights:

[00:00] Has it always been ‘Corey James’? We gain some perspective on the journey of Corey James as an artist and DJ in dance music.

[02:35] Corey passes on how he approaches music production and how you can always tell that it’s a Corey James record.

[03:40] Corey shares his experience and experience of going full-time in music. Is it all what it seems?

[09:50] Feedback from friends, family and mentors, what’s Corey’s approach? Does he always listen and put it to work?

[11:15] Corey talks musicality and how his father in his younger years inspired him and gave him a music perspective and understanding.

[12:30] How does Corey James know when a record is ready and finished? In this section he enlightens us to his own little trick.

[13:40] When it comes to focusing in the studio and getting tracks finished, how does he maintain his focus and not be overwhelmed?

[15:07] Corey James walks us through the motivation behind starting ‘Mind Control’ and why running his own events has always been on his own ming.

[16:09] Throughout the years, Corey has a wealth of collaborations under his belt but what is his perspective on Collaborations? Are they a good thing to regularly undertake? Corey opens our eyes.

[21:00] Corey ends the conversation with the one piece of advice he’s offer to up and coming music makers and DJs.

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