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Daniel Fish on Building Your Industry Network as an Artist/Music Producer (Ep.60)

Updated: May 19, 2020

There’s so much great content out there on how to market your music and reach your fans, but when it comes to networking and building connections with certain individuals in Labels, Publishers, Agencies etc. - I feel like there’s a lack of information out there. That’s why in this episode I walk you through one particular tool and platform that you can use digitally to build those connections and to begin networking during the lockdown.

In this episode, I break down this certain platform, the opportunities you have as an artist on it, some tips and tricks on how to use it and finally some case studies. I also received some questions on Instagram too which I’ll be answering towards the end of the episode.

On a different note, this episode is extremely special and exciting as it’s the first podcast episode that is a videocast too. If you head over to Youtube you can find the full podcast as a video that you can enjoy too. While you are there, make sure to subscribe to the youtube channel too.


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Show Notes & Highlights:

[00:00] Episode introduction & Catch-up

[01:10] The different types of relationships as an artist and music producer

[02:30] Episode outline, what will you take from this episode?

[03:01] I've got 3 questions for you on the opportunity of this episode.

[04:05] How LinkedIn works as a platform and social media for artists.

[06:20] Some tips and tricks on using LinkedIn as an artist, as it's a "Business" social media - can you be too professional?

[10:00] How can you build connections on LinkedIn with very specific people, for example, the A&R of Defected Records.

[13:00] Cultivating connections and relationships with your network on LinkedIn.

[15:20] We take two case studies on what I would do in those situations in terms of building relationships and connections.

[20:00] We cover some questions I received on Instagram in regards to LinkedIn.

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