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Daniel James on How Artists can Thrive in the Coronavirus Economy & Mad Digital Music (Ep.62)

Updated: May 19, 2020

When a crisis hits, some individuals take it upon themselves to help others. A fortnight ago, Daniel James published "Uncancelled: How Artists Can Thrive in the Coronavirus Economy" a free e-book for people to understand how they can navigate these uncertain times as an artist and creator. It's with great pleasure that I can welcome Daniel to the show to explore the contents and practises of the e-book, while also covering some interests nuggets on moving from the UK to Columbia and using DM's to connect with industry folk.

Daniel James on How Artists can Thrive in the Coronavirus Economy & Mad Digital Music
Daniel James on How Artists can Thrive in the Coronavirus Economy & Mad Digital Music

Tune in today to learn Daniel James' Five-Step Sales Funnel to survive and thrive in the coronavirus economy as a music artist and creator.


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Show Notes & Highlights:

[0:00] We gain perspective on Daniel James’s music industry journey and how he progressed from being a musician in the UK to a designer based in Columbia.

[06:30] Daniel James breaks down his book “Uncanceled: How Artists Can Thrive in the Corona Virus Economy” and his thoughts on the current affairs of COVID-19.

[13:15] We begin by dissecting Step 1 of the 5 Step ‘Uncanceled’ process: Awareness

[18:26] We progress onto Step 2 which is building an artist website and sending people to it including creating your own artist email

[30:29] Following on from Step 2, we progress onto Step 3 which is ‘Building a Lead Magnet’ and what some good examples of lead magnets may be as an artist.

[34:01] After gaining the understanding of the funnel workflow and building the assets including the lead magnet, we touch down on Step 4: Nurturing Your Audience.

[41:12] Danny passes on his thoughts of networking in the DM’s on social media as well as his thoughts on Live Streaming

[47:47] Daniel James introduces us to his organisation called Mad Digital Music and the problem that he is fixing.

[54:20] Daniel breaks down the change that he would like to see in the music industry in the next 3-5 years.

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Daniel James’s Future Music Industry:

Tristan would like to see the artists embrace music entrepreneurship to enable themselves to go full-time in music and produce more art. While streaming doesn't make enough for minimum wage, it's important that artists build their own artist business model.

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