Michael and Lee of Float Planet on Floatation and the benefits for your own well-being (Ep.028)

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

Interview: Float Planet on Floatation and the benefits for your own well-being

Today we have a health focused episode, we welcome Michael and Lee from Float Planet Liverpool to dive into the world of floatation. Get ready to explore the benefits of floatation and how it can benefit you.

So what are we covering in today’s Your Music Industry episode?

    1 - What a sensory deprivation tank is and what floatation is

    2 - The mental and physical benefits of floatation covering topics including anxiety, creativity and relaxation

    3 - Good practises for floating along with some of Michael and Lee’s experiences

A little bit about Floating...

Floatation therapy is a simple way to achieve profound relaxation, meditation & wellness.

Also known as floating, sensory deprivation or R.E.S.T (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy) Floating involves lying effortlessly on your back in a specially designed floatation tank. You float in 10 inches of water with over 1000lb of Epsom salt dissolved into it. The environment is controlled, so the water and air in the tank are heated to skin temperature (35.5°C) to be exact. At Float Planet our tanks are amongst the best in the world, specifically designed to block out all external distractions including sight, sound, tactile sensations and gravity.


This episode is brought to you in partnership with Help Musicians UK

The Music Minds Matter listening ear and support service is there for anyone who works in music who is struggling to cope. It doesn’t have to be a crisis, or about music, and trained advisors there to help.

Contact Music Minds Matter day or night on 0808 802 8008 or email MMM@helpmusicians.org.uk.

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