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Jacob Pace on TikTok for Artists, 2.2 Billion TikTok Likes & Being Courageous (Ep.067)

There’s a question that has come up a few times lately, it’s from both listeners and discussions within my own circle. These questions have been around TikTok and if it has a place as an artist in electronic & dance music. In today’s podcast, we are virtually sitting down with Jacob Pace to ponder if you could be active on TikTok and if it is actually right for you? 

Interview: Jacob Pace on TikTok for Artists, 2.2 Billion TikTok Likes & Being Courageous
Interview: Jacob Pace on TikTok for Artists, 2.2 Billion TikTok Likes & Being Courageous

Jacob Pace is CEO of Flighthouse and is one of Rolling Stone’s Future 25s, Flighthouse is recognised as the creative agency for TikTok with a staggering 25 million TikTok followers and a mind-blowing 2.2 billion likes. In this episode, Jacob offers his thoughts, perspective and experience on not only TikTok but also being courageous and finding the platform that fits you best. Just because TikTok is the new, shiny and hyped social media - it doesn’t mean it’s for you.


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Show Notes & Highlights:

[00:00] We kick off the podcast by gaining some understanding into Jacob’s journey through the music industry which started when he was 14.

[07:24] Jacob enlightens us to moving to LA and sleeping on a friends couch for 3 months when he was only 16, and the mindset he held during that experience which included living frugally.

[16:02] How has Jacob cultivated his own confidence and grew his understanding of not only the music industry but also soft skills like emotional intelligence.

[23:45] Should artists be using TikTok? We gain Jacob’s perspective of TikTok with nearly 25 million followers and 2.2 billion likes.

[37:20] Jacob enlightens us to his thoughts and experience on monetising music and the idea of ‘middle-class’ of artist through Youtube.

[40:15] How does Jacob define his focuses and priorities which impact on his own both for personal development and as CEO of Flighthouse.

[45:54] What change would Jacob Pace like to see in the Music Industry in the next 3-5 years?

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