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James Kirkham on Football & COPA90, Defected Records and The Defected ‘Hype Machine’ (Ep.066)

Updated: May 19, 2020

In January, James Kirkham stepped into the brand new role of Chief Business Officer at Defected Records. Prior to this, he was in the same position but in a totally diverse yet resonating industry, the football industry at COPA90. During this podcast, we gain perspective on James’ story, the resonating features of dance music and football and most of all, the Defected Records ‘Hype Machine’. The formula of how Defected Records leverage momentum, create advocacy and social proof of upcoming releases as a way of building hype for release day.

James Kirkham on Football & COPA90, Defected Records and The Defected ‘Hype Machine’ (Ep.066)
James Kirkham on Football & COPA90, Defected Records and The Defected ‘Hype Machine’ (Ep.066)

During this podcast, we also gain an understanding into the marketing perspective and approach of Defected Records as to how they have built their own channels and assets as the focus of marketing instead of their focus being on outsourcing advertising to platforms like Facebook. 


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Show Notes & Highlights:

[0:00] James introduces us to his journey into the music industry which included a 4-year stint at COPA90

[5:40] Are there any connections between Football and Dance Music? James breaks down his thoughts on it.

[10:54] While at COPA90, James secured deals with the likes of Uber, Budweiser, Nikes and many more. We explore if this kind of brand deal will become the future of Defected Records or if it’s already there.

[15:38] Defected Records; Record Label or Media Company or both? James introduces us to his perspective and the future of Defected.

[22:10] We gain some perspective on the ‘Defected Records Hype Machine’ on how Defected leverage momentum and hype for their release campaigns.

[35:05] Do the Defected Team know when a release is going to go viral, for example, Endor - Pump It Up on TikTok? James enlightens us to his position on this

[37:10] James and I explore how Defected Records build credibility and advocacy for their releases including the tools they use

[44:46] We have two questions from listeners @kev_noone and @cassineb

[48:20] What change would James Kirkham like to see in the music industry? He breaks it down.

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