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Jason Davis on Tips for Emerging Artists/DJs, Is Fear a Red Flag? & Faith (Ep.57)

Updated: May 19, 2020

Jason Davis a music executive based across the pond in the US. The doors of the industry opened to Jason as a songwriter when he was 23 with a Billboard #1 hit, now almost another 23 years on he’s President and on the Executive team of a range of different industry organisations and in this time has acquired a wealth of experience. In those past 22 years, he even had a stint as VP of A&R at Dolly Parton’s Management Company, CTK Entertainment. Today amongst many other positions, he's President of One One 7, an entertainment company developing long-lasting careers for songwriters, producers and artists of which it’s roster have worked with top tier artists including Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande and U2 to name a few.  

While on the outside looking in, this looks like a perfect dream - it, however, isn’t so, despite being at the peak of the industry the personal struggles Jason faced almost cost him his own life. After finding his faith, Jason found his ground in his passion for leading others to success.

Jason Davis on Tips for Emerging Artists/DJs, Is Fear a Red Flag? & Faith
Jason Davis on Tips for Emerging Artists/DJs, Is Fear a Red Flag? & Faith

In today’s podcast episode, Jason expresses his thoughts on tips for emerging artists, the particular things that attract him to working with new talent and the power of faith.


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Show Notes & Highlights:

[0:00] - Jason Davis’s journey in the music industry.

[8.25] - Tips from Jason Davis for emerging artists & DJs on playing local, releasing music and finding your team.

[21:28] - An insight into artist development from Jason’s experience including what excites him when he meets new artists.

[24:00] - Is Fear a Red Flag? Jason enlightens us to his thoughts.

[25:00] Jason lets us into his experience of what’s typically holding artists and musicians back when he first enters a coaching relationship with them.

[26:48] - What is an artist's 'why'? Jason talks about finding emerging artists vision and why.

[30:20] - What does success like in the industry? Has it all been fun and games in the music industry? Jason opens up to the struggle behind the scenes.

[35:00] Jason’s story of finding his faith and his very down to earth story of the moment he almost took his own life.

[45:10] What change would Jason Davis like to see in the music industry in the next 3-5 years?

Selected Links from this Episode:

Articles & Media:


  • Your Love Pursues by Jason Davis

  • Business Backwards by Jason Davis


Jason Davis’s Future Music Industry:

Jason would like to see record labels spend more time on developing artists and take the pressure off the artist’s first record with the label.

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