Leftwing : Kody on Music Production, The Story of ‘I Feel It' and Touring Life (Ep.031)

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

Interview: Leftwing : Kody on Music Production, The Story of ‘I Feel It' and Touring Life

From their 2019 summer hit 'I Feel It' released on Toolroom to being named Ones To Watch by both DJ Mag and MixMag in their first year; we welcome Leftwing : Kody to Your Music Industry to enlighten you to their story, while also offering some insight to help you grow in your musical endeavour.

So what are we 3 things you will learn in today’s Your Music Industry episode?

   1 - Why they recently made a subtle rebrand change from Leftwing & Kody to Leftwing : Kody

    2 - The Story of their summer hit ‘I Feel It’ released on Toolroom

    3 - An insight into the touring lifestyle

A little bit about Leftwing : Kody...

Since forming back in 2012, Leftwing: Kody have made it all look so darn easy. Both Mixmag and DJ Mag named Chris Adie (Kody) one to watch a mere year after Leftwing : Kody formed, with DJ Mag even nominating Chris Adie for ‘Best Breakthrough DJ’ in their Best of British Awards. Having notched up a string of key releases on house labels like Desolat, Relief, Moon Harbour, Sola, Toolroom, Solid Grooves, Truesoul and their own lost imprint, it’s been one foot in front of the other for quite some time. Having already made a massive impact this year with ‘Wile Out’ on Toolroom and the Come Over EP on Moon Harbour Recordings (not to mention ‘I Feel It’ which came equipped with a Paul Woolford remix and was all over Radio 1, supported by all the key tastemakers), they can now able to add Columbia Records to the pinnacle of that list. “I feel truly blessed to have this opportunity to work with a label with such a rich history in our music culture,” says Jon Kong, AKA Leftwing of the news. “The past two years, I’ve veered away from the club scene: I’ve been working with a lot with vocals and with singer songwriters. Columbia really is the place to be to nurture a producer who wants to take things to radio. Something we discussed was making music to play to our kids or to our parents… we just didn’t think it would happen as quickly as it did!”

The support for their music has been something to behold, with everyone from

Carl Cox, Jamie Jones, Loco Dice and Adam Beyer all supporting Leftwing : Kody

productions. 2018 saw Leftwing : Kody hit dizzying new heights with, “Snap Back”,

which was Desolat’s best-selling track ever, while Sony signed the Leftwing : Kody

remix of Kelis’ iconic ‘Milkshake’ which had over 300,000 fans on Spotify streaming

Leftwing : Kody productions a million times in over 65 countries. Throw in two

Beatport Top 10s, three Beatport Top 20s and four Beatport Top 30s, and it’s easy to

see why all eyes are on Leftwing : Kody in 2019. Recently they remixed the UK soul-

pop vocalist Mabel (“she’s got a very interesting sound and tone. We played her

Mum’s records a lot so it was a cool remix to take!”) – but really, what is it that makes

this talented dance duo tick? “With us, there’s a yin and yang,” smiles Chris. “What

makes it that, I’m not sure! We definitely both have the same work ethic and we push

and motivate each other.” Adds Jon: “We have different ambitions and influences

and we have different tastes but most importantly, we can agree on things!” Chris

also has another creative side he loves to explore: his wife is an actress and he

enjoys making short films. “Last year she put together a short film that went to

Cannes: I have always been into both music and film, which is my second love. She

gave me the opportunity to film from scratch and we really added to the emotion: it’s

definitely something I will look into in the future.” Jon and Chris have one modus operandi when it comes to music: quality and crossing genres. Jon attests. “I make a lot of instrumentals,” he says. “I am biding my time and I want to work with different artists. As an engineer, all the music we do is mixed ourselves. It’s all in-house and that’s the big thing. I am passionate about the mixing of the music but just as importantly, I am also interested in crossing genres. Musically, I am really broad-minded. I fell in love with pirate radio growing up in London, around early rave, drum ‘n’ bass and jungle. The first CD I had was ‘The

Prodigy Experience’. The culture became UK garage and that’s when I started DJing and was influenced by living in London. I also grew up in a household where Joni Mitchell and CSNY were played so I’ve always been exposed to lots of different things. I also loved ‘Dummy’ by Portishead and Massive Attack growing up, they were a massive influence on the way I look and listen to music.” It’s clear that maintaining a foothold with the underground is key to their success, and while they’ve been making music together for seven years, it’s now time for this duo to step up to a whole new level. “We want to take thing a little bit further. We’re

still making club music and we’re still pushing things forward.” “I like writing songs,” reasons Jon. “Our music’s been in the clubs for a while now. From Desolat to Truesoul, our tracks have been played everywhere. But I also like writing songs. We’re going to keep our feet in both worlds.” There’s also talk of going live later down the line. “I think one of our ambitions has always been to create a live show. We’ve discussed this for two and half years now: to create a band rather than turning up with a USB!” Joining an esteemed electronic roster that includes the likes of dance superstars Calvin Harris and Mark Ronson, it’s pretty clear that the best of both worlds is still to come. We’ll leave Chris to close: “I’m very proud of what Jon

and myself have achieved over the years in music and right now this is the pinnacle of all the hard work and sacrifices we have made. I’m looking forward to working with Columbia and excited about what we can accomplish together.”


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