Mark Lawrence on Music Publishing, Association for Electronic Music & Wellbeing (Ep.008)

Interview: Mark Lawrence on Music Publishing, Association For Electronic Music & Wellbeing

In this episode, we demystify music publishing, the work of the Association For Electronic Music (AFEM) and also explore how unhealthy social media can be.

During episode 008 of Your Music Industry, we sit down with industry legend and change maker Mark Lawrence to explore his journey and experience. During the podcast, we cover 3 defined areas and demystify Music Publishing for the electronic music industry. During this episode we explore; * The world of Music Publishing * What the Association for Electronic Music does * Marks approach to health and wellbeing * How dance music needs more bravery

“If you can hear music, in any situation - one part of music publishing it monetizing exactly that.” - Mark Lawrence

A little bit about Mark...

After spending 10 years in senior roles at PRS for Music, Mark moved on to combine his passion for Electronic Music with his experience in Membership Organisations by taking on the privileged role as the first Chief Executive of the Association for Electronic Music.  AFEM is the global Trade Body for the entire Electronic Music community, from Creators to Labels, Clubs to Live, Tech to Media.


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