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Nicole Moudaber on Fear, Energy & Perspective (Ep.041)

It was midnight on the Saturday of Creamfields, sat in a rather cold press area waiting for the final guest of the day before heading into the arena to see everyone perform live. My nervousness was getting the best of me, knowing that this next interview would be deep. I could have never guessed though, how deep the interview would go and feeling like Nicole was looking straight into my soul during the interview.

Interview with Nicole Moudaber on Fear, Energy & Perspective
Interview with Nicole Moudaber on Fear, Energy & Perspective

For this episode of Your Music Industry, we are blessed to have Nicole Moudaber on the show. During the interview with dive into her world and explore her relationship with fear, energy and perspective before she went on to close the Intec Arena at Creamfields 2019.


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Show Notes & Highlights:

[0:00] We catch up with Nicole and kick off the podcast by covering her set at Creamfields and her philosophy on programming nights as a promoter.

[2:45] Nicole opens up and talks about her suffering, a recent realisation of hers and channelling energy into something for the better.

[6:45] What is Nicole Moudaber’s relationship with fear? We dive into her mind and how she deals with fear including stage fright.

[9:20] We finish the podcast by pondering what piece of Advice Nicole would give to her former self. 

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