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Rory Palmer-Rowe on Instagram Marketing & The Minimum Effective Dose (Ep.55)

Updated: May 18, 2020

Back in February 2018, we welcome Rory Palmer-Rowe to the show to explore his journey and endeavours in dance music. His story includes stints in marketing and promotions for Cream Ibiza, Millionhands and Defected Records. Rory Palmer-Rowe now returns to the podcast for another marketing-centric episode giving you actionable tips and tricks in the world of social media marketing. Today, we take the focus over to Instagram and chat about the algorithm, what works, what doesn't and what he defines as the 'minimum effective dose'; getting the most out of your time on the platform without taking away from your strength of making music.

Since the last podcast, Rory's been working on his own surf wax brand as well as his full-time role in marketing at Ph.Creative, working on the strategy and reach of some of the biggest brands in the world; including ones in technology and banking. It turns out, the music industry can be easier to market than the banking sector; I wonder why...


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Rory would like everyone to just get on with each other and break away from the negativity including towards women in a male-dominated industry.

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