Rory Palmer-Rowe on Defected, Cream Ibiza and Marketing Your Music (Ep.009)

Interview: Rory Palmer-Rowe on Defected, Cream Ibiza and Marketing Your Music

Rory Palmer-Rowe has been marketing world-renowned dance music brands for years. From a Head of Promotions stint at Cream Ibiza to a Marketing Manager role at Defected Records he’s learnt music marketing head on with his nearest qualification being a degree in Fashion. Now Rory is part of Make Your Transition, developing short courses and content to help the DJ and Music Producer world reach their goals.

During episode 009 of Your Music Industry with Rory Palmer-Rowe we explore 3 main areas: * Rory’s journey into the music industry and how he worked in marketing roles with the likes of Cream Ibiza and Defected Records * How artists and DJs can set themselves up for success with marketing on Social Media * Rory’s approach to a healthy lifestyle including his own gratitude practise

“Inviting all your friends to like your Facebook Page, in some ways could be the worst thing you could do.” - Rory Palmer-Rowe

A little bit about Rory...

From selling out nightclubs in Ibiza to marketing best selling albums and launching festivals, Rory has worked across almost every aspect of the electronic music scene...

As Marketing Manager for cult clothing brand Millionhands, Rory doubled their revenue, partnering with the likes of Hot Creations and Visionquest to sell-out collections. Later at Defected Records he would launch stand-alone festival, Defected Croatia and grow their social media channels by over 100%. Most recently Rory moved to an agency as a Creative Strategist where he spends his days working on projects for household names such as BT (the phone company) and Mars (the chocolate bar). By night he runs a consultancy company bringing his expertise to the likes of Steve Lawler, Pirupa, Acid87 and more...


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