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Jon Rundell on Intec, Getting Signed & Perseverance in Dance Music (Ep.37)

From his bedroom belt drive turntables, to his first tentative gig at a student party, phased by a pair of 1210s, to small bar sessions around 1999/2000, his first big break was a party in an MOT Test Centre somewhere on the outskirts of London. Rundell has steadily built his following and his skill and has now played alongside such luminaries as Laurent Garnier, Carl Cox, Ben Sims, Luke Slater, Danny Tenaglia, Joseph Capriati, Pan-Pot and Dubfire. His calendar is a collection of major festivals and iconic clubs; from Fabric London, Space Ibiza (one of the few artists to have played in every room at the club over the 12 years he was a regular guest), Output (NYC), Zig Zag (Paris), Kristal Glam (RO), to Sunwaves (RO), Awakenings, Glastonbury, BPM, Ultra Miami, and regular stints in South America.

Rundell doesn’t follow trends, adhering to his own beliefs and interests both on and off the dancefloor. As a prominent spokesperson, from publicly voicing his opinions and showing his support for Fabric after their recent temporary closure, to various panel appearances at Amsterdam Dance Event and Brighton Music Conference, Rundell speaks his mind.

In today’s episode with sit down with Jon to explore his journey along with a deep dive into his position on approaching record labels and cultivating relationships in the dance music industry.


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Show Notes & Highlights:

[0:00] An insight into Jon Rundell’s journey into the industry and his early days of working 3 paper rounds just to save up to buy some turntables.

[04:15] The story of Carl Cox and Jon Rundell’s relationship and how to organically grew of the years.

[06:00] ’The Baptism of Fire’ when Jon Rundell first played on 1210s for the first time and the transition of progressing from Sound Lab turntables to Technics.

[8:30] Jon offers some amazing advice on relationships in the industry, from how he approached a value exchange to build connections with promoters or even his relationship with Carl Cox.

[16:00] Jon Rundell offers his thoughts and advice on approaching record labels and how to get signed, including one case study with Intec.

[20:20] We explore any reoccurring issues that Jon sees with demo submission for Intec Digital in regards to the production and engineering of them.

[27:00] Jon Rundell shares what change he would like to see in the music industry in the next 3-5 years.

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Jon Rundell’s Future Music Industry:

Looking to the future, Jon would like to see people’s perspective on social media to change within the industry. Mainly focused on the weight put on the number of likes and fakeness. Listen for his full thoughts.

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