Seb Fontaine on DJ Residencies, Warm-up Sets & Getting More Gigs (Ep.034)

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

Interview: Seb Fontaine on DJ Residencies, Warm-up Sets & Getting More Gigs





Prior to his set at Creamfields 2019, we had a chat to Cream Resident Seb Fontaine to talk about the world of DJ Residencies and his experience of being a resident week-in week-out for the legendary super-club Nation/Cream.

So what are we 3 things you will learn in today’s Your Music Industry episode?

    1 - Seb’s experience of being a Cream Resident as legendary Super-Club ’Nation’

    2 - Seb's thoughts on Warm-up Sets and DJ Residencies and how you can improve yours

    3 - Seb’s advice on how to grow your DJ Profile and secure more DJ Sets and Residencies

A little bit about Seb Fontaine...

As dance music has matured, so too have the custodians that keep it vibrant. Anyone with even a cursory knowledge of the genre will know the name Seb Fontaine, the former BBC R1 selector who found international acclaim as the movement exploded in the ‘90s and ‘00s. As the scene adapted, so too has Fontaine tweaked his own formula, forever pushing forward new music and bringing dancefloor nirvana to legions of clubbers each and every lost weekend.

Fontaine’s musical acumen has seen him installed as Music Director at the new Wellington Club in London, while his radio show on MusicBox Radio with Tall Paul has enabled the return one of the best loved partnerships in dance music to showcase the creative spark and musical vision that defined their tenure at the world’s leading clubs. As Fontaine continues to push dance music forward, his calendar remains consistently busy: the DJ continues to be a festival favourite, taking to the stage at some of the globe’s most notorious events, including Wildwood Disco who have recently asked Seb to curate his own stage.

Add to that his own Prototype party – named after his stellar Global underground compilation series – which explores the underground side of current music while revisiting classics from the past, selling out every single event to date. Seb’s passion extends beyond the decks to the studio, where he has recently been working on new Reflekt material. That killer ear for a groove remains stronger than ever after all these years making feet move across the globe.

The soundtrack to any rave will always take some inspiration from history of club culture, and all the best DJ sets will keep one foot in the past while facing forward to the future. It’s what has made Fontaine such an enduringly popular selector: his commitment to fervently absorbing music new and old while consistently presenting it in a fresh and exciting fashion. As we enter the third decade of the 21st century few can balance that long standing expertise with enthusiasm and excitement for the sounds of tomorrow.


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