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Tristan Hunt on The AFEM COVID-19 Hardship Fund, Re-Connect Festival & Conferences (Ep.61)

Updated: May 19, 2020

To kick-start our week dedicated to navigating the uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic, we welcome Tristan Hunt to Your Music Industry Podcast. As Regional Manager of the Association for Electronic Music, he shares the support available through the AFEM COVID-19 Hardship fund along with some exploration around Beatport's Re-Connect Festival and how he has found empowerment through his own personal routines and rituals at home. We also take a moment to dive into his experiences and thoughts on conferences in Electronic Music and shares some of his favourite sessions to date.

Tristan Hunt on The AFEM COVID-19 Hardship Fund, Re-Connect Festival & Conferences
Tristan Hunt on The AFEM COVID-19 Hardship Fund, Re-Connect Festival & Conferences

Tune in today to learn how Electronic Music's trade body has responded to support the industry while also learning about what support might be available to you through the Association for Electronic Music's COVID-19 Hardship Fund.


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Show Notes & Highlights:

[0:00] We gain perspective on Tristan’s electronic music journey from university to working today for the Association For Electronic Music (AFEM)

[03:40] Tristan breaks down what the Association For Electronic Music are currently up to including ‘Get Played, Get Paid’ and the focus on health.

[07:22] We are introduced to The AFEM Mental Health Guide for The Electronic Music Industry and understand how it can help ourselves and colleagues.

[9:46] Tristan enlightens us to the Association for Electronic Music’s response to Coronavirus and the AFEM COVID-19 Hardship Fund.

[14:50] Tristan walks us through the current approach of AFEM towards health and wellness in the electronic music industry.

[20:00] Tristan discusses the different guides and recourses available for anyone who’s feeling disconnected and lonely at the current time.

[22:44] Tristan Hunt offers us his perspective on the one particular habit, ritual or belief that has changed his life in the past 5 years

[26:20] We dive into Tristan’s thoughts on conferences in Electronic Music and the particular ones he admires.

[33:15] What’s next for AFEM? What are the focuses in the coming months and year?

[35:48] We find out what change Tristan Hunt would like to see in electronic music.

Selected Links from this Episode:

Health Guides:

AFEM x Beatport - ReConnect Festival Sets Mentioned:


Tristan Hunts’s Future Music Industry:

Tristan would like to see the values of diversity and wellbeing to be woven into the fabric of the future. A mature industry where topics such as mental health aren't at the top of the priority list for conferences as good wellbeing is the new normal.

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