Yaw Owusu on Purpose, LIMF and Culture (Ep.038)

Interview: Yaw Owusu on Purpose, LIMF (Liverpool International Music Festival) and Culture





As the curator of Liverpool International Music Festival (LIMF), Yaw is year upon year creating invaluable opportunities for the artists, community and culture of Liverpool. LIMF is, however, only a small piece of Yaw’s pie with his own organisation The Playmaker Group taking an industry-leading position in Creative Consultancy, Content Creation and Event Management. To date, some of The Playmakers Clients include Glastonbury, Universal, British Airways and the BBC to name a few. In this podcast episode, we dive deep into Yaw's world to understand his perspective, story and achievement.

So what are 3 things that you will learn from today’s episode?

- We leap into Yaw's rather interesting journey from a degree in Law to playing Basketball for the US Air Force to making documentaries for the BBC and of course, curating Liverpool International Music Festival.

- Second thing you will learn from this episode is how books, learning and diving deep into art and culture has really shaped Yaw's perspective, approach and drive. We also explore some nuggets on identity in relation to the industry.

- Finally we, of course, cover the world of the Liverpool International Music Festival from an understanding into the journey to what the role of the Curator entails.

A recent feature from Yaw Owusu...

THE PLAYMAKER GROUP’S own Yaw Owusu fronts the cover of February’s issue of the Business Post in Liverpool which confronts how vital the music business is to the cities creative life.

The topic has been a huge talking point in Liverpool over the years, so much so that a UNESCO role was created by the council last year to bring the music community closer which was given to Kev McManus.

Talking on the subject, Yaw Owusu says “The prospect of everyone coming together to work together for the betterment of the city as a whole is really important. We can achieve so much – and having political clout behind it is critical.  A collective voice is stronger than individual voices.” 

Yaw plays a critical part in the music industry and it’s future evolvement in the city and continues to push it to new lengths, part of that is curating the annual Liverpool International Music Festival (LIMF). You can pick up your copy of the Business Post in the city now or you can read it online here


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